The Revolution That No One Talks About

The world is changing, and most of us aren’t adapting fast enough.

When I was in school growing up, it was a given that everyone should go to college. Everyone around us — our parents, teachers, the media, etc — told us that it was pretty much a requirement. And the subtext was that anyone who didn’t go would be a total loser in life.

And after college, we’re told to get a stable job. We’re told to be happy with whatever we can get. And we’re told to stick with it.

But this is terrible advice.

Don’t get me wrong. All this advice is given by good, well intentioned people. Nobody is trying to throw us off track.

And 20–30 years ago, this advice worked.

It was totally possible to go to a decent school, get good grades, and get a good job handed to you right afterwards. And then you could coast for years and years.

But this old way of doing things was actually bad for companies. There was a lot of “fluff” — a lot of employees who weren’t really adding value, but just showing up every day from 9–5 and collecting a check. They didn’t provide a good enough return on investment.

So companies started eliminating them.

Here’s a little secret that might blow your mind —

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